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The Padelhorn membership allows you to play without paying during ALL Open Play hours at Padelhorn for a YEAR! The current Open Play hours are Monday-Saturday 5-11am, Tuesday nights 7-9pm and Ladies Night every Wednesday 8-10pm (Ladies only). These are the current hours and can come to change to some extent in the future. The members are given a Wristband and a Paddle Band as proof of being members. Members playing at Open Play must wear the Wristband and/or the Paddle Band. 

During popular hours it can be hard to get a court - with a membership we can set up recurring reservations for you, so you get the SAME COURT at the SAME TIME, EVERY WEEK. Members can also make reservations in the reservation app Playtomic 4 weeks ahead instead of 10 days!

As a member you get 20% OFF on private building reservations. A perfect deal for Birthday and Christmas parties etc.! You also get 20% OFF on hanging a banner at Padelhorn (if you're a business owner) and 10% OFF on all clinics held by the great coaches at Padelhorn! 

The memberships are yearly but paid on a monthly basis. Single persons can purchase a Single membership and married couples are welcome to purchase the Couples Membership saving a few extra bucks. 

You are able to cancel a membership up to 96 hours after purchase. If the membership is not cancelled in that trial period, $98 (for a Single Membership) and $149 (for a Couples Membership) will be charged every month for a year. 

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